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Have you ever explored alternative options for heating and cooling systems beyond the conventional ones? Many individuals tend to overlook the wide range of heating and cooling systems that are accessible to them. Have you ever considered the convenience of having an HVAC system that combines both cooling and heating functions? At Airtech LLC, we take pride in offering a selection of heat pumps, as well as mini-split and packaged HVAC systems.

Las Vegas Heat Pumps & Packaged HVAC Systems

Our team of professionals is dedicated to assisting you in making informed decisions when it comes to this challenging selection process. They will provide guidance and help you gain a better understanding of the distinctions between each system. By evaluating your heating and cooling requirements, we can assist you in making the most suitable choices that not only enhance efficiency but also save you money. Moreover, our extensive product range ensures that we can cater to a wide range of budgets, making satisfaction accessible to most individuals.

Entrust the control of your home’s temperature to the skilled and reliable technicians and consultants at Airtech LLC. Contact us today to schedule your complimentary estimate and consultation.

Package heat pumps offer a distinct advantage by eliminating the need for natural gas during winter to heat your home. While these systems may be slightly more expensive than traditional gas units, they bring several benefits. One significant advantage is the absence of gas bills and concerns about gas leaks, relieving you of one financial burden.

It’s important to note that heat pumps are not suitable for every climate. Fortunately, in Las Vegas, we are fortunate to have an environment conducive to using such systems. However, in colder climates, heat pumps may struggle to function effectively. Since these units rely solely on refrigerant to provide both cooling and heating, extremely low temperatures can cause the pipes to freeze, resulting in reduced airflow or even a complete lack of air circulation due to ice buildup. Even in Las Vegas’ relatively mild climate, there is still a risk of pipe freezing. To address this, reputable companies and HVAC contractors. Additionally, a specialized two-stage thermostat compatible with heat pumps is necessary, as regular single-stage thermostats may not be suitable for heat pump systems.

Before proceeding with a replacement, it is advisable to research the type of system currently installed in your home. Take the time to thoroughly evaluate the companies providing estimates, ensuring they have a reputable track record. Check the warranty they offer, paying particular attention to the labor warranty. Inquire if a new thermostat is included in the installation of your package heat pump unit. These factors, among others, significantly impact the quality of the installation and the lifespan of your new HVAC system.

Airtech LLC comprises a team of honest, trustworthy, and diligent individuals who take pride in their work. We genuinely enjoy assisting people when they need it most, and we stand behind the services we provide